Creating fictional characters

Imagine your loved ones or yourself as a favourite character, hero, superhero, idol etc(fictional, non-fictional)
Describe how you visualize your loved one as. Superheroes, Mythological Characters, Fictional Characters, Movie Characters, Non-Fictional Individuals and more!


Someone’s wit could remind you of Ironman. Someone’s strength as Hanuman! You could also visualize your furry buddies as characters!

Manjula imagined as Goddess Durga.

Manjula is a homemaker, a mother & an artist. But her children view her as the epitome of strength, grace & wisdom & therefore they imagine her as Goddess Durga.

Suvini imagined as Warrior Goddess Athena

Suvini is a fitness icon & she does not only focus on physical fitness, but also gives significance to mental health. Suvini is a brave, fierce, wise & an independent woman. Someone who takes on difficulties head one, but by using her head :)

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