The art of drawing cartoons from real-life - Ebook

The art of drawing cartoons from real-life - Ebook

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Hello everyone,

Have been working on this mini-ebook & would be coming up with more super soon 🙂 The idea was to focus on a topic that connects us all to our childhood. Cartoons it is 🙂. They made us happy then. They also make us happy now! So go ahead & learn to make your own little cartoon character! Please drop me a message to purchase this 🙂

This comes at Rs 350 only!

Little about the book: We as humans can perceive shapes well - & can identify a complex or simple object just through lines & curves. Since childhood, we have associated basic shapes with objects & that's helped us remember them better.

For instance, a yellowish/orange circle with strokes coming from the edges has constantly reminded us of the sun! Through this mini-ebook, I aim to simplify complex humans & objects around us. It's just about how you perceive objects & look at them as a combination of various shapes, and in no time will they start looking so much simpler! And that is exactly how we will build our cartoon character :) By visualizing objects, breaking them down into shapes, colouring & shading them! It's simple :)

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